Meet the HRS Membership

Our membership represents the diversity of the community we serve. Please take a minute to read through their bios to discover their journey with HRS and to learn a little more about what they get up to for fun.

Lindsay O’Steen AEMT / HRS President

Lindsay and her four-legged kids

I moved to Hardwick in 2015 and found HRS that same year. My wife and I joined HRS as a way to give back to our new found community and meet some new people. HRS welcomed us with open arms and has become like family over the last 6 years. I have been a volunteer in EMS for over 17 years. I obtained my first EMS certification in college as an EMR. I Became an EMT in early 2013 after becoming a volunteer firefighter and rescue diver in Maryland. In 2020 I became an AEMT. I am a Vermont instructor coordinator (IC), CPR instructor and I am the current president of HRS.

I work as a Physical Therapist by day in Lyndonville, VT at Northern Physical Therapy an NVRH practice. I hold a doctorate in Physical Therapy as well as a Masters in Healthcare Administration. I am a proud parent to two wonderful dogs who I enjoy exploring the hills of Vermont with during all the seasons. If I am not working or volunteering with Hardwick Rescue you may find me on a Hardwick fire truck. I love to explore the amazing weather in this state paddling a lake, riding my bike, running the road, trails, or seeing what new adventure I can find.

It is an honor and a privilege to help lead this organization, but it is the members that make HRS so special. We come from numerous walks of life, with a myriad of interests. I hope you consider joining us on this adventure one day by driving an ambulance, becoming a provider or just supporting us in any way you see fit. 

Andrew Casavant EMT / Driver / Board Member

Hello, my name is Andrew Casavant and I am a member of Hardwick Rescue Squad. I have been a firefighter in Greensboro since 2007 and many times worked alongside members of Hardwick Rescue. After working calls with them, I gained an interest in doing more to help people within the community. I joined Hardwick Rescue in 2013 as a driver. After working as a driver for about 3 years I wanted to do more to help the patients in need, and learn more about practicing medicine. Hardwick Rescue hosted an EMT class where I studied with my colleagues to become a National Registry EMT.

I have had many roles in the squad since then. I am a member of the Board of Directors, an active EMT, a driver, I’ve been on the ambulance replacement committee twice, and formerly held a position as the driver coordinator. There are a variety of roles within the squad. My late grandfather was a founding member of Hardwick Rescue Squad, and many of my family continue to serve on the squad. The membership itself is a small family, gathered together to help the surrounding communities.

Karen Field EMT / HRS Treasurer

My name is Karen Field. When I completed my contract in the US Coast Guard I took time off to raise and enjoy my family. I joined the healthcare field ten years ago and ended up back in school to be a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA). I have been a CMA for six years working primarily in pediatrics and family medicine. I started volunteering with Hardwick Rescue in 2018 and took on the role as Treasure this year. 

Tyler Molleur AEMT / Board Member

Tyler Molleur is a healthcare educator at the University of Vermont, and works as a registered nurse at the University of Vermont Medical Center and Copley Hospital. A resident of Milton, Tyler completed a master’s degree program in 2019 in nursing education and enjoys teaching both new and experienced healthcare professionals.
Tyler frequently spends many weekends returning to the Hardwick area, where he grew up, to serve as squad’s training officer, infection control consultant, and cover EMS shifts as an advanced EMT. He has been a member of Hardwick Rescue since 2011.
Tyler recalls as a teenager having a strong desire to be a first responder while living in the rural town of Stannard; interested in how more immediate care could be provided farther away from an available ambulance. He completed a first responder course while in high school at Craftsbury Academy, and later an EMT and advanced EMT course at the University of Vermont while completing his undergraduate degree in nursing.
“The chance to volunteer with Hardwick Rescue showed how much I could balance the excitement of science with the joy of providing compassionate care and educational support to my colleagues.”
When not wearing one of many hats in the healthcare field, he enjoys cross-country skiing, hiking, and writing stories for the Hardwick Gazette.

Sandy Reeks AEMT / Secretary

My name’s Sandy Reeks and I’m an Advanced EMT with Hardwick Rescue. I’ve been an active member of HRS since 2007 and I’m currently the Secretary. I’m originally from the UK and have lived in Woodbury since 2002. I joined rescue because I wanted to give back to my community. When you are new to a town and don’t have kids in the school system, it can be hard to establish yourself – so I found the idea of volunteering with rescue a perfect solution for getting to know my neighbors better while learning life saving skills.

When I’m not volunteering on rescue, I’m working at my day job. I’m the Product Development Director for a software company in Stowe that specializes in systems for high end hotels and resorts. In my spare time, I enjoy dabbling in wildlife photography and playing guitar in a local band called the Woodbury Broadband. I’m also the loving Mum to two gorgeous cats and a fanatical, life-long supporter of Liverpool Football Club.

Emily Benning EMT / Paramedic in Training

Emily spent her childhood running wild in the woods of the Northeast Kingdom poking gross things with sticks before spending a large amount of both time and money studying science at Cornell University. She graduated just in time for an economic recession, and spent the next few years living in Ithaca, NY as a barista/landscaper/dishwasher to finance her rugby habit. After finally finding moderate success (and a total lack of fulfillment) as a laboratory manager for some disgruntled chemists, she moved back to Vermont to attend (and then drop out of) art school while simultaneously running trail crews and digging holes for the Green Mountain Club. She spent her winters performing “other duties as assigned” at Stowe Mountain Resort; it was by a coworker at the Resort that Emily was finally persuaded to get involved with EMS. Given the lack of local rugby teams and the promise of getting to see other people’s gruesome injuries instead of acquiring them herself, this struck Emily as a generally positive option.

After obtaining her EMT certification, Emily was promptly hired by the National Park Service to serve as medical staff as a ranger at a tiny, ridiculously-remote park called Isle Royale. After spending the season poking A LOT of gross things (without even needing a stick!) she realized she’d finally landed on a career path she enjoyed, and returned to Vermont to put her weird array of skills to use serving her native community. As another in a long line of questionable career choices, Emily managed to get into paramedic school just in time for a global pandemic. She intends to graduate with honors and looks forward to providing more advanced care to the creatively and unintentionally self-destructive people of Northern Vermont. 

Emily lives in North Wolcott with her manpanion Steven and her “dented can dog”, Kooga. When she’s not in the back of the ambulance poking something gross, she’s probably in a canoe. 

John Bellavance – Driver / HRS Vice-President

I am a fourth generation Hardwickian. I lived in Hardwick until 1998 and grew up in the village. Sally and I have three daughters, one son-in-law and one granddaughter. We moved back to Hardwick in 2010 and started Bellavance LP Services, Inc. when my father retired after 40 years in the propane business. I joined The Kiwanis Club of Hardwick and Hardwick Rescue Squad as a driver in 2012 as a way to give back to the community as did many of my family members before me. I previously served as Driver Trainer, Building Maintenance Committee and  new Ambulance Committee for our ambulance #2. I really enjoy working with a great group of volunteers as well as our area Fire Departments and Law Enforcement.