Andrew Casavant EMT / Driver / Board Member

Hello, my name is Andrew Casavant and I am a member of Hardwick Rescue Squad. I have been a firefighter in Greensboro since 2007 and many times worked alongside members of Hardwick Rescue. After working calls with them, I gained an interest in doing more to help people within the community. I joined Hardwick Rescue in 2013 as a driver. After working as a driver for about 3 years I wanted to do more to help the patients in need, and learn more about practicing medicine. Hardwick Rescue hosted an EMT class where I studied with my colleagues to become a National Registry EMT.

I have had many roles in the squad since then. I am a member of the Board of Directors, an active EMT, a driver, I’ve been on the ambulance replacement committee twice, and formerly held a position as the driver coordinator. There are a variety of roles within the squad. My late grandfather was a founding member of Hardwick Rescue Squad, and many of my family continue to serve on the squad. The membership itself is a small family, gathered together to help the surrounding communities.