Maya McCoy – Driver

I am a physical comedian and variety performer as well as an event producer but at heart I am a life-long learner and adventurer. My work and outdoor enthusiasm takes me to cities and out of the way places all over the world but it also connects me to the local community. I am a co-founder of Vermont Vaudeville, have produced many events in the region, and am on the board of directors for NEKarts at the Hardwick Town House. I grew up in Montgomery, VT and have lived in Greensboro since 2007.

As a new member of HRS, I have been welcomed into the fold of this supportive team and I have learned an incredible amount. The training is thorough and largely at my own pace, the time commitment is adjustable to my (often crazy) schedule, and being there to offer support at times of crises, especially for people I know, is an honor.