Tyler Molleur AEMT / Board Member

Tyler Molleur is a healthcare educator at the University of Vermont, and works as a registered nurse at the University of Vermont Medical Center and Copley Hospital. A resident of Milton, Tyler completed a master’s degree program in 2019 in nursing education and enjoys teaching both new and experienced healthcare professionals.
Tyler frequently spends many weekends returning to the Hardwick area, where he grew up, to serve as squad’s training officer, infection control consultant, and cover EMS shifts as an advanced EMT. He has been a member of Hardwick Rescue since 2011.
Tyler recalls as a teenager having a strong desire to be a first responder while living in the rural town of Stannard; interested in how more immediate care could be provided farther away from an available ambulance. He completed a first responder course while in high school at Craftsbury Academy, and later an EMT and advanced EMT course at the University of Vermont while completing his undergraduate degree in nursing.
“The chance to volunteer with Hardwick Rescue showed how much I could balance the excitement of science with the joy of providing compassionate care and educational support to my colleagues.”
When not wearing one of many hats in the healthcare field, he enjoys cross-country skiing, hiking, and writing stories for the Hardwick Gazette.