Emily Benning EMT / Paramedic in Training

Emily spent her childhood running wild in the woods of the Northeast Kingdom poking gross things with sticks before spending a large amount of both time and money studying science at Cornell University. She graduated just in time for an economic recession, and spent the next few years living in Ithaca, NY as a barista/landscaper/dishwasher to finance her rugby habit. After finally finding moderate success (and a total lack of fulfillment) as a laboratory manager for some disgruntled chemists, she moved back to Vermont to attend (and then drop out of) art school while simultaneously running trail crews and digging holes for the Green Mountain Club. She spent her winters performing “other duties as assigned” at Stowe Mountain Resort; it was by a coworker at the Resort that Emily was finally persuaded to get involved with EMS. Given the lack of local rugby teams and the promise of getting to see other people’s gruesome injuries instead of acquiring them herself, this struck Emily as a generally positive option.

After obtaining her EMT certification, Emily was promptly hired by the National Park Service to serve as medical staff as a ranger at a tiny, ridiculously-remote park called Isle Royale. After spending the season poking A LOT of gross things (without even needing a stick!) she realized she’d finally landed on a career path she enjoyed, and returned to Vermont to put her weird array of skills to use serving her native community. As another in a long line of questionable career choices, Emily managed to get into paramedic school just in time for a global pandemic. She intends to graduate with honors and looks forward to providing more advanced care to the creatively and unintentionally self-destructive people of Northern Vermont. 

Emily lives in North Wolcott with her manpanion Steven and her “dented can dog”, Kooga. When she’s not in the back of the ambulance poking something gross, she’s probably in a canoe.