EMS Week Video #5:

Having an address number that is easily visible from the road improves our response time. EMT Margaret Laggis provides some tips for enhancing your house number visibility.

EMS Week Video #4: Helmet Safety

EMS Week, Friday post: The weather is getting nicer! Does one of the activities you have planned for the weekend involve wearing a helmet? Maybe it should! Today’s video clip talks a little bit about that…

EMS Week Video #2: Hands Only CPR

When seconds count, it can take us minutes to get there. This is often the case no matter where you go in Vermont, as the rural nature of residences and their proximity to aid mean the first step to caring for patients starts with public action. Here is a video on hands-only CPR.

EMS Week 2020

This is the first in a series of posts and videos which celebrate National EMS Week (May 17-23). The celebration of EMS providers across the country was initiated by President Gerald Ford in 1974, when professional EMS services were still in their infancy stage.

At the time, Hardwick Rescue had not been in service for more than seven years and the amount of skill and clinical knowledge our providers must possess to provide quality emergency care has evolved greatly. This week, we will be posting several short videos to highlight topics we would like you to know more about just in case we have to care for you (and some tips so you may not need us at all!)

This year is especially important for us as we have numerous volunteers, who, for the pure enjoyment of helping others in their community, continue to provide services to our seven towns during the COVID-19 pandemic. With contributions from our small roster of two paid staff, several volunteers are also donating more hours during this time so other providers who fall into higher risk categories can stay safe. We appreciate the contributions our community members have made with cloth masks, respirators, and notes and tokens of appreciation, as well as continuing to practice good infection control measures so our members can go home safe every day!